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Personalisation Terms and Conditions

What is Personalisation?

Personalisation is where customers can opt to have names and numbers printed (or applied) to the back of a jersey.

Which jerseys can be personalised?

Personalisation options will appear in the product detail page of those items that can be personalised.

Can I personalise name and number?

Certain items can be personalised with name and/or number. Others can only have numbers applied. When an item is a number-only personalisation, you will only be provided an input box for numbers.

Why can't all jerseys be personalised with names?

Cricket Australia only sells officially licensed product and thus we adhere to the restrictions placed on us by the sporting team or sporting body from whom the jersey originates, and in some cases those organisations place restrictions on what can be printed on officially licensed product.


Player Name OR Your Name & Number Set - $30.00 for both name and number (maximum of 9 letters including spaces).

Name Only - $15.00 (maximum of 9 letters, no punctuation nor unusual characters, including spaces).

Number Only - $15.00

How do I personalise my jersey?

Step 1: Select the jersey you want personalised
Step 2: Select the size and quantity of this item and click "YES" to customising your jersey
Step 3: Add your name and/or number into the text boxes
Step 4: Review the sample image
Step 5: Add this item to your cart
Step 6: Proceed to checkout. Fill out your delivery details or if you are a returning customer login in to your account as prompted
Step 7: Follow the on screen instructions to complete your order

Can I return a personalised jersey?

We are unable to accept returns or exchange items that have undergone personalisation, unless they have been found faulty after detailed examination by our Customer Service team. Please choose your personalisation details carefully, and retain a copy of your confirmation notice for future reference. If it is found that we have incorrectly customised your item/s contrary to your instructions and the confirmation notice, we will gladly replace them. We will not accept returns of customised items if prior to, during or after the customisation process a player changes his number, is injured or leaves the team for any reason.

What will my personalised jersey look like?

During the personalisation process you will be provided a link to view an example of jersey personalisation. Please note that this provided image is for illustrative purposes only. Actual printing may differ from generated image.

Will the jersey be printed with official typefaces?

Where possible jerseys may use the current official typeface, however in some cases generic fonts may be used.

Can I personalise kids size jerseys?

Yes personalisation is available on kids size jerseys.

Can I personalise toddler size jerseys?

No, personalisation is not available on toddler size jerseys.

Offensive content

Customised printing deemed offensive will not be printed.

Personalisation delivery times

Please note that our personalisation service can take an extra 5 days to complete.


If you opt to personalise your jersey, please allow for an extra 10 business days in addition to your chosen delivery time.